Hong Kong Trip

By | November 9, 2013

I just returned from Hong Kong today. It was a great trip and very positive in many ways. Maybe I should go there more often… There were two main reasons for the trip this time: to finalize the incorporation for a new start up company, and to speak at the Hong Kong University MBA Business Lab program. On top of that I managed to squeeze in some business meetings as well, just to make sure that there would not be any laziness involved. After all it’s Hong Kong – one of Asia’s most hectic business centres!


Yesterday morning two of my business associates and I met with our trusted accounting partner, who handles Hong Kong company incorporations. I have to confess that I was expecting quite a signature marathon and was prepared defend my existence at the bank ‘interrogation’, same as last time. To my major surprise things just went incredibly smoothly. After less than 10 signatures, we were done with the accountant, and headed to HSBC’s business banking center. The previous time we had to go to a personal banking branch’s sleazy business service section, where a guy who looked like a high school sophomore, was asking questions like “what happens to your job in the company, when you find someone who knows your job better?” Not this time. The guy behind the desk was super nice and walked us through everything step by step. I was very impressed, although not quite sure because of the last time or because he really was nice. Anyway, all went well.

As for the day’s second engagement, I spoke at the Hong Kong University MBA program Business Lab. It’s a incubator program created and built by a friend of mine, Pedro Eloy, who also is involved with EBAC. He has really done a good job with the Business Lab. Last year I was in the finals jury panel, and they had 16 MBA students in the program. This year the number was 50! Well done, Pedro!

My speech topic was related to the success factors of 3D Printing Industry and the purpose was to give insights of building successful online businesses. I really enjoyed delivering the presentation, and the audience was well receiving. They were asking questions, which is somewhat rare in this part of the world, at least in Thailand. Also to my surprise, every single one of them had heard of 3D printing, which gave a positive start for the speech.

I also had a chance to visit the ICC tower this time. The view from the Ritz-Carlton mens room 103 fl. is quite stunning.

Ritz-Carlton Hong Kong ICC view

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