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Google Analytics – 10 Pros & 5 Cons

Web Analytics is crucial for every website. Even for a small blog, it can open up a whole new world, once the blogger understands how visitors behave on the site. It’s not just about how many visitors does a website get, but to really understand where do they come from, what do they do there, and what visitors bring value to the website, and so on. An analytics program can reveal the answers to these and much much more. Most importantly analytics can help to save costs in the areas where money is being spent, but little or nothing is coming back in return, and more money can be allocated to the channel that yields the most.

Google Analytics LogoToday there are many analytics software solutions available, such as Google Analytics, KISSmetrics and Clicky, to name few. Some of them cost money, some of them are free. There are pros and cons with both. This article digs into one of the free ones: Google Analytics. Google has done a good job in marketing their analytics, since it is probably the most well-known.

Google Analytics Pros

Google Analytics is one of my favorite tools, and I have spent hundreds if not thousands of hours with it.

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