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Online Guides: Behind the Scenes

3D Printing Beginners Guide

When we want to learn about a new topic, we don’t go to libraries anymore to browse through dozens of books only to be left confused. Schools only cover limited subjects, and if you don’t have a lot of money taking a course on the new topic might not even be an option.

So what do we do then? Internet has become the new “educator” for literally everything. We might ask help or recommendation through a social media, but usually the leg work is carried out in Google, YouTube or Wikipedia. Of course there more targeted channels for asking from the expert such as Quora or LinkedIn groups, but the three above are still the most used as we sometimes are shy to ask help from strangers.


For Wikipedia the answer is quite obvious, being probably the most comprehensive source of information for anything. Google and YouTube, the two most popular search engines are getting smarter and smarter. That means that they can better service the query with more accurate search results. This is really the key. Before you had to try several queries and try to guess the exact keywords to lead you to happiness.

Along being the most used tools for learning, search marketers have realized that various guides and easy to understand –approaches are being received with gratitude, and often work well as link builders and traffic magnets.

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Google Analytics – 10 Pros & 5 Cons

Web Analytics is crucial for every website. Even for a small blog, it can open up a whole new world, once the blogger understands how visitors behave on the site. It’s not just about how many visitors does a website get, but to really understand where do they come from, what do they do there, and what visitors bring value to the website, and so on. An analytics program can reveal the answers to these and much much more. Most importantly analytics can help to save costs in the areas where money is being spent, but little or nothing is coming back in return, and more money can be allocated to the channel that yields the most.

Google Analytics LogoToday there are many analytics software solutions available, such as Google Analytics, KISSmetrics and Clicky, to name few. Some of them cost money, some of them are free. There are pros and cons with both. This article digs into one of the free ones: Google Analytics. Google has done a good job in marketing their analytics, since it is probably the most well-known.

Google Analytics Pros

Google Analytics is one of my favorite tools, and I have spent hundreds if not thousands of hours with it.

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The Death of Guest Blogging?

If you run a website that publishes content there is a high change that you have received an email like this before:

I would like to express my interest pleasantly to become a part of your eminent platform as a Guest Blogger. I am confident about that you will definitely like the following Guest blogs with exclusive title/topic. Currently, all these posts have become the most liveliest conversions among the readers. The blogs offered are

  • 100% original
  • Well written
  • Relevant to your audience and
  • Exclusive to you

I’m sure that you will love to read my proffered featured blogs & you would emphatically admire my quality-rich, precise, keyword-oriented & search engine friendly write-ups on different topics on your website. The blogs, offered by me for your website, are absolutely free of cost. And as rewards, I just would like to gain backlinks for from your end.

Please Note: Hopefully, I will get your reply as early as possible (expected: “within 3 days”), else my forwarded content will be sent for publishing on the other websites.

Guest blogging, as it’s called, in exchange for a back link used to be one of the most popular way to get links after Google started to pay attention what kind of links the websites were getting, instead of just counting the number of the links, or purely relying on the Pagerank of the linking page.

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Online Marketing Recap of 2013 and Takeout for 2014

Marketing-Term-CloudThe year 2013 witnessed a number of course changes in online marketing. Along Search with Google algorithm updates, the changing social media features and the number of new channels growing rapidly, multiple screen becoming the trend word, the online marketing stage is set to keep changing faster and faster. As a marketer it’s a confusing field to be working in, but at the same time it offers vast number of opportunities.

Here’s a brief recap of 2013 and some takeout for 2014.

Google Search

In 2013 Google launched some major algorithm updates such as the Panda, Penguin 2.0 and Hummingbird. Panda focused on penalizing weak content sites, such as “content farms” and “scraper sites”, and lifted up those with regular original content. Penguin 2.0 as it’s predecessors was aiming to hit hard on web spam and highlighted even further website authority. With a new letter started algorithm – Hummingbird – Google is now able to recognize full-question searches instead of just parsing specific keywords, and are able to appropriately rank answers to these long-tail question searches. If that wasn’t enough Google announced September that all keyword data would encrypted, not only logged in user data. Although there are still ways to gauge keyword data, it’s not as easy as it used to be.

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How to use Facebook to promote your website?


Facebook pages seem to be like an opinion these days – every website / company has one. However, it’s surprising how few can actually make it work for them, in terms of converting the likes to traffic, or creating an engaging page where people comment, discuss and share information. It’s easier said than done.

The purpose of this post is to look into couple points that I have noticed working well for Facebook pages I have been involved with in the past. There are tons of articles in the web about this topic, but it seems like everyone of them are saying the same thing: what to post, when to post and so on: generic best practices. I browsed several of those and found most them of very little use. I mean they are good to get started, if you have no clue, but they will not take you very far. Unless of course, you are willing to spend hours and hours daily for long period of time. I am not saying that I have discovered a magic formula, but there are actions that can greatly boost the basic efforts.

The look of the page – Branding

The look and feel is where it all starts – very basics really.

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