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Mail Server Pro – Corporate Communications Platform

Mail Server ProEmail and data security is something that has been raising a lot of eyebrows recently. To be honest, it’s not something most of us actively even think when we post something on Facebook, send an email or SMS, or even make a phone call. Fair enough, most of us got nothing to hide, but still, some things perhaps we think are more private than they actually are. I had an eye opener to many of these things recently.

When you send an email out through the traditional manner, it leaves your server and travels to the recipients mail server. Actually this was the first application of the internet. Sadly not much has changed since in the way emails are sent, as this isn’t very secure way to transfer data. Sure, there is a thing called encryption, which provides certain level of protection, but due to a different kind of security aspect, the encryption cannot be too difficult for government agencies to decrypt. In other words they want to be able to intercept and read certain emails. In principle this is fine, but if they can do it, so can other people, who might not have good intentions of what they will do with the information.

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Elon Musk – A Real Life Iron Man

Tesla Elon Musk

Talking about inspirational entrepreneurs, many come to mind, but one is literally flying a lot higher than the others. Elon Musk, who even the Iron Man movie makers used as a role model for Tony Stark, is one of the most inspirational entrepreneurs out there today. Within a short period of time he has become successful in four different industries. And not just any industries, but some of the most competitive ones there exist. Starting from PayPal, which revolutionized the way we handle money online, he has moved to new ventures in power industry with SolarCity, automobile with Tesla and space travel and exploration with SpaceX. Considered crazy by his friends at the time he decided to focus on electric car that would survive in the tough car market – something that the car giants had not been able to accomplish, he has risen in the media spotlight with total three successful businesses today.

I have been familiar with the name Elon Musk for a long time, but only recently started to study more the way he works and his ideology towards creating successful businesses. He is quite a fascinating character who apparently clocks in 80-100 hour workweeks, sometimes even more.

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Wind Energy and the Future

I have been researching wind energy lately for a very interesting project. The more I have dug into it, the more interesting it has become. To be honest, couple weeks ago, if someone had asked anything about wind energy I wouldn’t have been able to even have a two-sided conversation. It’s amazing how much one can learn in just couple weeks with the right resource of information and by talking to right people.

Offshore wind farm

The global power markets are huge. Annual sales reach $2.2 trillion and are expected to grow up to $17 trillion by 2035. While the world is struggling with pollution problems, the clean options have become more and more popular. Now it’s another question how green they actually are, but surely they are more environmental friendly than using fossil fuels, which now constitute almost 80% of the world’s energy consumption.

Despite counting for less than 1% of global energy, the markets for wind turbines in the future may look very positive. China is the global leader in terms of annual market and cumulative wind capacity. In 2013 new wind installations were up by 24.1% from 2012, with 16.1 GW of new capacity connected to the grid, bringing annual total capacity up to 91.4GW.

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Hong Kong Trip and a New Business Venture

We did a brief one-nighter in Hong Kong earlier this week to meet our partners in a new joint venture. I’m sure the official news release will come out shortly, and I don’t want to be a spoiler, so I will treat the subject discreetly here.

I was introduced to one of the partners earlier last year, and we met, again, in Hong Kong. He was keen to learn more about 3D printing and we spent hours just talking and brainstorming the business possibilities. That’s when the idea for the venture sparked, and he started to build it further. We then met in Bangkok in a larger get together and spent some time around the idea.

hong kong

It took quite a lot of email and call exchange, but it all went very smoothly, even though we were not sitting in the same city. Talking about the necessity for email and internet these days. This would have been impossible without them.

So this time we actually got face to face into the same room. We met at one of the partner’s office in Sheung Wan area and signed off the necessary founding documents. From there we headed out for a few to change to more casual environment, and then onwards to Shanghai Fraternity Association club for dinner.

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Inside 3D Printing New York 2014 Recap

One of the main events of the year in 3D printing took place last week in New York. Part of Mediabistro’s global tradeshow series Inside 3D Printing found it’s way back home to New York for the second time in it’s history. The first show hosted over 3000 visitors over two days, and this year things were set to be bigger – a lot bigger. The latest edition happened in Berlin last month and was praised by all the people I met who had attended.

Inside 3D Printing – Expo area

I don’t even know where to begin, as I am still feeling a little light headed, not only over an incredible show, but also due to two 30 hour flights within seven days and 11 hours time difference.

Our trip started 2am in Bangkok, from where we took the first flight to Dubai. Quite standard flight, nothing really to report – basic Emirates stuff. The second leg to New York was with the Airbus 380, and I have to say that it is quite an amazing airplane! Flying economy was actually like flying business class with some less respected carriers. Finally landed safe and sound in New York and felt the +15 degrees (+30 in Bangkok…) in my every bone while waiting for a taxi.

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