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Math Sequence Riddles – It’s never too early for them

If your social media friends are like mine you would have noticed a trend in increasing numbers of math problems being shared. I usually like solving and sometimes trying to solve these math problems. I mean, why not, they are fun.

The ones that I have come across recently especially in LinkedIn have been trap wired though. What I mean by that is that the problem is not what you think it is, or that they have laid out something front of you that captures your attention and stops you from seeing the knot. For example:


To get the result you would add the following number to the last result, right? 20+5=25, 25+6=31 and so on. So what about the answer? 38+9=47? Well it could be, if the rule was to add the last result to the next number. However, 8 is missing. So if the rule was to add the previous result to the next ascending number, to get the right answer you would have to first solve 38+8=46 and then 46+9=55 (Some could of course argue that 9=9, no matter what the numbers before it are). There are tons of these in the internet, if you like to exercise your brain a little.

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Staying fit – Physically and Mentally

Happy New Year 2014!

Exercise in some form has been in my life as long as I can remember. But it became a vital part of my every day life when I became an entrepreneur. Having the history of a competing athlete I have really had hard time learning away from measuring all the results and competing with yesterday’s me. Exercise in my life today has one purpose and one purpose only: give me the morning boost for the day and feeling great. It has become part of my morning routine, and it really has made me significantly more productive. As a matter of fact, I am at my most productive state in the morning after the exercise.


I learned the secret of starting the day energetic in college, when I did my morning training and went to classes filled with energy, while my friends still had their eyes half closed and were sipping their coffee. Of course I was too much in an adrenaline high to be able to pay any attention during the class. But I learned how to kickstart the day.

In addition to morning exercise, I have another routine that I am following daily basis. Having a healthy first meal.

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