3D Printing Industry partners up with Mediabistro to produce Inside 3D Printing trade shows

By | November 26, 2013

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It’s official. After months of waiting and waiting the day is finally here. Mediabistro just announced their investment in 3D Printing Industry and that going further the two companies will be producing Inside 3D Printing worldwide trade show series together.

At 3D Printing Industry we obviously were waiting this quite anxiously and unfortunately it took longer than anticipated to get everything in order. Things in Asia can sometimes take time, but there’s no point going into details here. The developments are great and will strengthen our leading online media position in the 3D printing realm. The partnership makes perfect sense for both companies and the same model has worked wonders in the past for many.

In fact, it’s a bit of a funny story. When we first met Alan in April in New York he was explaining how he usually operates the trade shows and media partnerships. I mentioned to him that it sounded very much like the model used by Search Engine Land with SMX shows. Maybe I should have done my research better, as it was Alan’s original model that he had created for Search Engine Watch when it was still owned by Jupitermedia. Live and learn.

The times ahead are very exciting for us. For 2014 there are already seven shows planned:

  • Berlin, Germany, March 10-11
  • New York, USA, April 2-4
  • Sao Paolo, Brazil, April, 16-17
  • Melbourne, Australia, 9-10
  • Seoul, South Korea, June 18-20
  • Shenzhen, China, July
  • Santa Clara, USA, October 21-23

The next year shows will also feature a Maker Summit & Pavilion, which is designed to allow non-industrial users and makers to get involved and learn more about the fast growing world of 3D printing. It will be interesting to see how this section will pick up visitors. Alan estimated the New York show visitor numbers for next year to go as high as 30 000.

Ari, Ian and I worked together this year on the Inside 3D Printing Singapore conference program, and will be contributing to the events to come as well. The past year has been fantastic for us in terms of growth; our numbers have jumped through the roof, which is exactly what we set to accomplish. And even more to come; we have only gotten started. It has been fantastic to work with Inside 3D Printing and I am really looking forward to the next year and continuing working closely together with Mediabistro for the years to come.

2 thoughts on “3D Printing Industry partners up with Mediabistro to produce Inside 3D Printing trade shows

  1. Gary Anderson

    Looks like a great partnership to me. I have the NY expo in April in my calendar!

  2. Eetu Kuneinen Post author

    Many thanks Gary! Look forward to seeing you in NY. I am a big fan of 3dprintingstocks.com and your articles.


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